April 16th Clothing Swap Party!


About Us
Clothed To Succeed is a clothing closet and training facility serving individuals in Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. Clothing is provided to men and women actively seeking employment and to women undergoing cancer treatments or who are critically or chronically ill, with workshops available to support both populations.

On the career side, services and workshops are available in areas ranging from business etiquette to resume writing and from confidence to personal presentation.  The skills imparted are designed to help a client land a job, and to succeed in retaining and advancing in the workplace.

On the recovery side, services and workshops may focus on healthy living and balance.

The people we serve are different, but one thing is the same. Everyone needs hope. Everyone needs encouragement. Armed with hope and encouragement, the road to employment or through illness is easier to navigate.

Clothed To Succeed was started by the Blair Healing Rooms in response to an uptick in prayer requests for those who were unemployed or underemployed.  Prayer teams are available to pray for those requesting service from Clothed To Succeed

Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits
Clothed To Succeed is a member of the Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits (ACDN), formerly The Women’s Alliance.  ACDN is a network of grassroots organizations that serve women and men who seek to join or reenter the workforce.  We believe anyone who wants a job, should get one.